Charlotte has seen a 147 percent increase in cyber security jobs; HuntSource is the Southeast’s first and only start-up devoted to pinpointing technology talent

CHARLOTTE, N.C. As Fortune 500 companies nationwide scramble for cyber security, they are turning to a new Charlotte company, HuntSource, for help staffing their most pressing challenge.

Co-founders Matt Donato & Jack Hall launched HuntSource in May as companies across the country struggle with a talent shortage in the ever-changing world of technology. Just in Charlotte, the need is so great, there’s been a 147 percent spike in cyber security job postings – especially in the finance, healthcare, and retail sectors, according to a recent article in the Charlotte Business Journal. With a combined 30-year history in the staffing industry, Donato and Hall have earned a reputation for being the go-to-guys for top talent. “We wanted to bring our expertise to a sector that needed it the most,” Donato said.

“Companies are only as secure as their latest IT hire,” Donato said. “With so much on the line, we felt it was our duty to help match their staffing needs with the right candidates.”

HuntSource was founded on the notion that for businesses to be successful, there must be cohesion between its people, process, and technology.

“Success and security begin and end with people,” Hall said. “Without appropriately skilled human capital, the process and technology alone aren’t enough to make a business succeed. HuntSource is committed to understanding the intricacies of our clients’ process and technology so that we can find the best people to bridge this gap.”

Charlotte’s new staffing tech start-up isn’t limiting its services to the Queen City. HuntSource helps companies nationwide with pinpointing technology talent.

About HuntSource

Located in Charlotte, NC, HuntSource is a workforce solutions firm dedicated to the technology domain. Specialty areas include Cyber & Information Security, Risk Management, Secure Application Development, Cloud Computing, and Infrastructure Security. Services include staffing, executive search, and project solutions. HuntSource is industry agnostic, customer-centric, and results-driven.


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