Last Thursday (October 19), HuntSource, in collaboration with Rocus Networks, hosted our first of many ASSET events.  We brought together cyber security executives from around the city to discuss the cyber threat landscape and ways to mitigate your company’s (an your own) risk of a cyber-attack.  Guest speaker Bryant Tow spoke on the most commonly used passwords, the most “prestigious” hacking groups world-wide, and the various ways that you can make yourself a less attractive target.  The event was a great success and exceeded our expectations of our first go-round.   Look for the next ASSET event coming at the beginning of 2018.

Thank you to Bryant for a wonderful and eye-opening presentation — Thank you to Rocus Networks for co-hosting the event — And finally, thank you to all who came to the event and enriched the content and shared your expertise!  You all are what made the event such a success!