Any employer that has recently tried to recruit cybersecurity talent knows how big a challenge it is. The competition is fierce. Cybersecurity professionals are contacted daily/weekly by recruiters, regardless of whether they are actively looking for a job. So, what is it these job seekers are looking for? What is it that will attract them? We find there are 5 main things they are looking for-

  1. Clearly defined ownership of cybersecurity responsibilities- If there’s any confusion as to who is responsible for cybersecurity within positions/departments, jobseekers will likely move on to another opportunity where they see an easier road to cybersecurity success.
  2. Opinions to be taken seriously- More than anything, employers need to demonstrate willingness to listen. A cybersecurity worker’s role is in many ways advisory and consultative; they want to be heard.
  3. Performance reviews- Employers should have a clear measuring stick for cybersecurity success within their organizations. Unclear goals may only lead to low satisfaction and confusion with existing employees and pose a significant challenge when recruiting talent.
  4. Companies to invest in the latest emerging security technologies and provide training and certification for cybersecurity employees- Investing back in the company and ensuring that employees are trained in all of the latest technologies shows that a company is serious about maintaining a high level of excellence.
  5. Strong ethics and a moral compass set to protect people and their data- Most cybersecurity workers have a strong sense of duty and understand the weight of their responsibilities, which helps explain why they are attracted to companies with strong ethics and a moral compass set to protect people and their data.