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Problem: Finding exceptional tech talent is difficult.

Cyber, data security, and risk mitigation strategies have become the leading areas of concern for modern businesses. Despite this, many companies live in a reactive state. The workforce demand to combat security threats in this ever-changing world of technology has doubled, as has the need to be proactive. However, the market has lacked an adequate talent solution whose primary focus is to solve this problem…Until now.

Solution: HuntSource.

We are the premier technology talent solution dedicated to pinpointing the highest caliber of human capital in the areas of cyber and information security with expertise in security infrastructure, engineering, governance, risk, and compliance. With a proactive approach to customers, regardless of size or industry, we will pioneer for our clients – producing high-quality results that align with their objectives, technology environment, and culture.

Talent solutions for the tech sector

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Cyber Security and the Dark Web

When most people think of the dark web, shady, illegal and malicious activity usually springs to mind. The dark web, sometimes referred to as the Darknet, forms part...
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January 11th: ASSET Event

HuntSource is excited to host our second of many ASSET events next Thursday.  Given that our first event was such a success, we are sure this one will be, too.  Our...
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Talent Retention and Development

It’s well known that a high turnover rate of talented employees has a negative impact on business. In addition to losing valuable individual contributions, the...
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Minimizing the Insider Threat to Cyber Security

In 2016, inside staff was directly involved in 32% of damaging cyber security incidents according to a study by NetDiligence, and the danger and scale of potential...
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Challenges and Best Practices in Cyber Security Recruiting

Cyberattacks on large companies such as Sony and Equifax have shown that no one is immune to malicious cyber activity. With demand high for qualified professionals,...
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