Finding tech talent is like a good hack.

Hard to pinpoint unless you know where to look.

Ready to scour our network for exceptional talent?

Tech Workforce Solutions

Staffing Services

IT and Security Consulting

Need an outsider’s perspective on how to improve your company’s information security or IT portfolio? HuntSource is a trusted provider of security consulting services that are designed to help identify areas for improvement and work with companies to remedy those gaps.

Contract and Contract-to-Hire

Have a role that requires full-time attention but isn’t a long-term position? HuntSource will find a contract candidate with the subject matter expertise to fulfill your need.

Talent Search

Direct Hire and Executive Search

HuntSource works on direct hire searches to hunt down the perfect candidate for your specific needs. We work on exclusive, client-centered jobs to find talent, even if that talent isn’t actively seeking a new position. Delivering high-quality candidates is a top priority.

Retained Search

HuntSource’s experienced recruiting team will work closely with the client on an exclusive basis to present multiple “perfect” candidates for the client to choose from.

Project Solutions

Full Spectrum Information Security

Beyond filing individual roles, HuntSource is dedicated to helping clients successfully complete information security projects.  We provide the full spectrum of information security project services, catering each solution to the specific needs of our clients in order to ensure that their security posture is safe and sound.

The HuntSource Advantage


Niche focus in Cyber Security, Security Infrastructure, Engineering, IT Governance, Risk, & Compliance.


Our sophisticated search process and recruiting platform is highly efficient, reliable, and results-driven.


Experts in understanding the issues, corporate culture, and opportunities within your organization.


Our nimble and customizable service approach adapts seamlessly to fit any company.


Industry agnostic. We are able to work with any business or organization that has a Cyber or IT requirement.


Customer-centric. We build lasting relationships through memorable candidate and client experiences.

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