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Sourcing a diverse group of candidates requires relationships that are deeply entrenched within the cyber security and technology community. HuntSource Distinguishes candidates that will make great employees, coworkers, and contributors to your mission.


Whether you’re looking to make a strategic new hire, or in the middle of a job search, you’re embarking on a significant change to your status quo. HuntSource removes the unnecessary and stressful parts of a search for a new opportunity by serving as your trusted guide and advisor throughout the life cycle of the process to Deliver the talent you need. Unburdened by those concerns, you can focus on what matters most – finding the best qualified candidate and getting back to work.


We’ve hung our hat on the most valuable piece of anyone’s business – their people. The heartbeat of our company, of who we are, is our unflappable desire to Develop long term, mutually beneficial, trusting, and loyal relationships.


Identifying and attracting the right talent doesn’t start when you write the position description, nor does it end when you sign the offer letter. So, we go the extra step by Discovering and immersing ourselves in your company’s culture, market share, and business model.


We Design a go-to-market hiring strategy that fits your timeline and needs. We’ll recommend the best way to position the opportunity to attract the right talent.